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Create A Magic Massage

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Want massage therapy into your life!

We are making it affordable get signed up for the massage membership today!

We are staffed with a main therapist Melissa Stone Santangelo, CMT (owner) and a out call staff of therapists all training in professional massage therapy. All of whom are holding an intention of helping you to let go of stress and move to a more relaxed frame of mind. We mix several different modalities of massage along with several different types of energy based work to help you become more relaxed with each minute. Don't get just a massage ever again, find balance instead! We strive in helping you find your center.

Our massage rates are as follows;

  • $35.00 for 25 minutes
  • $65.00 for 55 minutes
  • $95.00 for 85 minutes
  • Time Options

    Want to make a habit of massage? We make it affordable and easy all at the same time.

    Massage Memberships can be set up as follows:

  • Once a week massage monthly 30 min $100.00
  • One a month massage 55 min $50.00 and 85 min $75.00
  • Two a month massage 55 min $90.00 and 85 min $140.00
    Membership Options

    Please sign up for the massage program using the buttons above. You will be billed each month automatically. Call us or e-mail us to get your first appointment booked and then each appointment there after can be a set for a day and time each week or month. The 48 hour cancellation policy will still apply on all monthly appointments. The monthly massage can not be shared but the bi-monthly can be shared within a household or between partners.

    Coming Nov 1, 2013, get booked NOW!

    Sarah, has come up with a great Winter's treat!

  • 75 min massage with hot oiled rocks (choice of coconut, avocado, or hemp)
  • heated pumpkin salt scrub (YUM)
  • after a hot shower in our meditation garden and mosaic stoned outdoor shower, warm honey body butter is massaged into your skin.

    This treatment is only here for the Winter and at this price you can not beat it for getting you through the cold Winter's day. Gift Certificates are valid for 6 months and then returns to cash value.

    Sarah's Winter Special

    To create a magic massage you can choose from any style you like as in table, chair or mat style (Thai), fully clothed or not so clothed under a sheet (professional massage offered ONLY) where amenities like infrared sauna and spa packages can be added to create your own healing spa experience.

    Appointments sessions using styles of Swedish, Shiatsu, reflexology and deep tissue with energy work and guided meditation within the Chakra System using Polarity and Reiki modalities.

    When making your appointment please specify your needs.

    How long of massage do you request?

    What Style? (table, chair or mat)

    Would you like energy work and guided meditation?

    Reiki is always included with any massage if desired.

    Get double the relaxation! Try some hypnotherapy with your massage!

    Daniel Gross C. ht, from Hypnosis Santa Cruz will give you a soothing and relaxing hypnotherapy session during your massage. Deeply relaxing you so it is easier to let go of stress tension and pain while working on a subconscious level about any topic you choose. All while a CMT is helping each and every muscle in your body to relax and let go as well.

    Hypnotherapy Time Options

    Date night ideas!

    Looking for something new and different to do with your loved one? Or even a family member or BFF? Look no further, we have special spa packages that you get to create and enjoy with your loved ones!

    Book a different kind of date at Balance Studio Spa! Pack a snack or meal, a bottle of your favorite sparkly and book a couples facial. Add in extras to create a longer stay in our relaxing homey like spa space.

    Couples Options

    Want more from your massage? We have many affordable add ons that make your massage appointment feel like a whole spa day!

    Add ons

    Energy Work - Poliarity Balance

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    Polarity is a type of bodywork that works on the energy field or Aura of the body.

    Energy work is highly effective on those struggling with emotional issues. Working on the energy body; the luminous energy field or Aura. We can remove emotional blocks and start to move the stagnate energy field that is created by the emotional distress. We all store patterns, traumas and belief systems in our emotional body. This is why change is hard and it may bring up fear for most people. As energy healers we can focus on feeling where your energy blocks and pools of too much energy are. Using our intention and channeling Divine energy (healing white light) to move energy helps to remove blocks and bringing in clear healing energy to heal in places you are in need of healing help.

    Melissa Stone Santangelo, knew from an early age that she can pick up on others pain and illness and she can connect with (what she calls) Divine healing. This energy she seems to channel makes others feel very relaxed and at times has taken away others pain. Clients say things like, "she has wise hands".

    Melissa says, "It is her calling to do this work!"

    Many have experienced healing at a high level after seeing Melissa for a Chakra Balance.

    Try it for yourself for the relaxation of it or to create some healing change in your life! What to ask for

  • Need more energy or having periods of depression - fire balance
  • Emotional issues or digestion health issues - water balance
  • Fear of change or structural health issues - earth balance
  • Disconnect with Spirit not able to know one's path - air balance
  • Chakra Balance
  • Melissa will read your energy and with that information give you a plan that will work on those blocks. This balance will bring you an easier time in changing your life. No matter what it is you want to change.

    Add ons
    Monthly Elemental Balance, Polarity

    Full Lotus Package

    $210.00 Buy Now 

    Want to experience all we have to offer in a two hour spa appointment

    The Full Lotus Treatment

  • massage
  • aloe body wrap
  • 1 mask food facial
  • hand treatment and foot
  • Chakra Balance (energy work)
  • Our Full Lotus is a total five element balance in a spa treatment, that will treat your seven energy centers. Along with treating your five physical elements; your posture, muscles, organs, skin and your nervous system (chakras). You will float out the door because you will feel lighter.

    1 Mask Food Facial choices

  • pumpkin
  • tomato/cucumber
  • avocado
  • banana/comfrey
  • Aromatherapy choices

  • rose
  • lavender

  • Couples Options

    Balance Studio Spa Etiquette (Policies and Procedures )

    Our policies and procedures ensure we can provide exemplary service to all our guests. To make the most of your visit with us, we encourage you to arrive 5 minutes prior to your service to relax, unwind and enjoy the moment.

    When booking a workshop, massage, spa treatment or spa gathering: We require a major credit card to reserve the appointment.

    With respect for you Balance Studio Spa has set aside an appointment especially for you... please note the policy for cancellation for future reference.

    Cancellations: 48 hours in advance of service. Cancellations received 24 hours or less will result in a charge of 50% of the service fee. Same day cancellations or failure to cancel appointments will result in a full 100% service charge.

    Pre-pay & Gift Certificates: Non-transferable, non-refundable and not redeemable for cash. They may be used for services and/or products. Cancellations policy above applies to value of certificate. Certificate must be presented at the time of service.

    Bounced Check: Per the Calif. Civil Code, you can be liable for 3 times the amount of the check or $35.00 to be paid to Balance Studio Spa within 5 days of Insufficient Funds Notice.

    There are no cash refunds. Unused merchandise may be refunded for credit only. Prices are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to deny service as we deem necessary.