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At Balance Studio Spa we believe in YOU and in giving excellent client services and treatments. We have been setting high-level industry standards in the San Lorenzo Valley since 2003 and are experts in the field of weight loss, detox, reducing stress and rejuvenation of the body. Using only food, herbs and holistic treatments!

This is your one stop shop for rejuvenation and you will feel like you have just been on a relaxing vacation.

We are a day spa located in a magical sacred place, Forest Lakes nestled in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains off Hwy 9 just minutes from downtown Santa Cruz and 40 minutes from the Silicon Valley. Our ambiance and fair prices can not be surpassed, along with our well trained and educated therapists. A cabin rustic like feel, zen gardens and mosaic art overflows with Divine love just waiting to touch your life.

Today is a gift. That's why we call it the present.

Our space is known by locals to hold healing vibrational energy and relaxes you just by walking through the dragonfly gate. In the time you spend here until you leave, you will feel at peace and able to breathe. If you have been thinking about creating balance in your life... give us a call. Or if you want to enjoy quality time with your loved ones learning how to take care of each other or just having fun hanging at the spa, we are here.

We take HSA credit cards (health savings account).

Budget in your monthly massage with our membership program. No membership fee and you can make changes when you want to without penalty. Sign up online today and get started with your personal stress reduction plan that is affordable!

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Melissa's second book Spa-Cipes, The Spa Cookbook is here! A must have for every spa lover! Ask for it at New Leak, Felton and Santa Cruz, White Raven, Felton, Air and Fire, Boulder Creek and Whole Foods, Santa Cruz. On sale online from this website and Amazon. Come to the Spa-Cipes Workshops and have lots of fun!

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Celebrate with us

Book the Birthday Special for your Birthday and get amazing relaxation! We have noticed that clients that book spa appointments, on or for their Birthdays. Have amazing experiences and truly feel rejuvenated. Ask about our Birthday Special!

Check out Heidi's success story with our Balance Weight Loss Program!

Commit to making powerful positive changes in yourself, and do it without the struggle! Let go, and let us help you to relax. Learn to love yourself and heal so the weight can come off.

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Please accept our free gift! Sign up for a new tool for your Balance Tool Kit. A Stress Reduction download that will teach you how to use your breath as your, go to stress reduction tool that you can use any where and at any time.

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We appreciate your business and welcome your Spirit! -

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